A. M. Pierre has loved stories and story-telling her whole life. This is evidenced by her unnaturally large collection of books, DVD’s, and Blu-rays (yes, she has streaming, but she also has a somewhat antiquated love of physical media and its security-blanket-like assurance that her favorite shows and movies will always be available).

She also loves learning new languages and traveling to new places to learn about different cultures and customs (and also to try out those new languages). While international travel is off the table at the moment, she looks forward to the day when a lessening of the global plague and an increasing of her bank account align so that she can travel once again.

Those are the eyes of a true foodie.
Just look at that sweet little profile.

She lives on planet Earth in a small but satisfactory habitat along with her family and two rotten but awesome kitties. As her phone’s photo album will attest, they are both ridiculously photogenic. Yes, yes, all pet owners say that about their pets, but it’s true this time! She provides these samples as evidence…

She rests her case.

A few more items on her (long but not exhaustive) list of favorite things:

  • Star Wars
  • Animation in all its forms (with a special place in her heart for hand-drawn)
  • MST3K
  • British television
  • Animals
  • Astronomy
  • The color red
  • Drawing
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Sunsets
  • Snow
  • Taking photos of her very photogenic cats

One thing she’s not a fan of:

  • Writing about herself in the third person