Shard by A.M. Pierre

In our timeline, the Twin Towers attack was a horrific but isolated terrorist event.

Not in Kaia’s.

Already living in a society of constant scrutiny and fear, Kaia finds her old life completely destroyed when a routine trip ends with her accused of terrorism and dragged into a new and high stakes world.

It is a world of lost children and covert ops, and of people with the power to alter the elements themselves.

Dropped in the middle of this globe-spanning conflict, Kaia could find everything she ever wanted, or she could lose more than she ever thought possible.

And so could everyone else.

SHARD by A.M. Pierre tells a complete story and is the first volume in an exciting new YA Sci-fi trilogy. It is told in third person from multiple POVs in its diverse cast.

A story filled with heart, humor, suspense, and action, SHARD is perfect for fans of Marvel and Mission: Impossible.

“Definitely a YA for your next read.”
“Just whoa. I am flabbergasted.”
“I would wholeheartedly recommend this book.”
“Please make this book into a movie!”
– Reviewers Like You

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ISBN 978-1-955204-02-6 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-955204-00-2 (epub)
ISBN 978-1-955204-03-3 (mobi)
ISBN 978-1-955204-01-9 (audiobook)

shard a.m. pierre

Audio Sample of SHARD by A.M. Pierre

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