Crazy, Odd, and Out There – Random Thoughts #2!

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They’re too long for tweets, too short for full posts. They’re random thoughts!

Are they worth reading? Or at least mildly interesting? Jeez, I certainly hope so.

Today’s Random Thoughts!

  • Oodles

  • The Secret Super Power of French

  • Calling I.T.



You can have oodles of something, but can you just have an oodle?

What say you, Google?

….Google says, yes, you can, if you breed a poodle with a different breed.

Whelp, that’s not what I thought I would find, but…

For some reason I’m hearing the “The More You Know!” music in my head.

Croque Monsieur

The Secret Super Power of French

A croque monsieur is a French sandwich that is fairly simple but awesome. 

A friend of mine put the name into Google translate then asked me, “Am I understanding correctly that ‘croque monsieur’ literally means ‘Mr. Crunchy’?”

Yes, yes it does.

And just like that, she discovered the secret super power of French: you can say the silliest or meanest things and still sound fancy.

And I’ve never ever ever ever ever used that power to say mean things to someone who’s being horrible without their knowing.  Never.

Calling I.T.

I have a lot of sympathy for people who work in IT call centers, I do.  Having acted as the one-person internal IT department at a couple of small businesses, I understand the difficulties that can arise when dealing with people who are… less familiar with the ins and outs of computers.

But that doesn’t lessen my frustration when I have to call outside IT support with a problem and they automatically assume I’m also one of those “less than tech savvy” people.

For instance, a program I was using was clearly malfunctioning in such way that the recommended fix wasn’t even possible.  To whit:

IT dude:  “You just need to click ‘Enter.’”

Me: “But that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.  That’s not possible, because ‘Enter’ is not there. Which is why I’m calling you.”

IT dude:  “Okay, so you’re going to be looking for a big rectangle.  We call it a button.”

Me:  “…I know what a button is.  I’ll say it again:  It’s not there. That’s why I’m calling – because it’s not there.”

IT dude:  “The big rectangle will say ‘Enter’ on it.”

Me:  (deep breath)  “I don’t know any other way to say it.  IT’S.  NOT.  THERE.”

IT dude:  “Okay, so the big rectangle you’re looking for is also green.”


Do you have any random and/or funny family-friendly thoughts you’d like to share? Huh, that was pleasingly alliterative. In any event, share them in the comments below and make sure to come back for more randomness, writing tips, and more!

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