My Future Lies

Christopher Smith always had a pretty “normal” life, so when a beautiful warrior with rainbow eyes kidnaps him, he thinks that’s as crazy as it gets.

Not even close.

His kidnapper brings him through time to a twisted version of the city he knew…

… and the ruler of it all looks just like him.

But that’s just the beginning. Why can’t anyone remember anything before 7 years ago? And what exactly lies outside the walled city’s protective dome?

When everyone has their own agenda and nothing is quite what it seems, Christopher will have to use every trick in the book if he’s going to live long enough to discover the truth of this world – and of his very existence.

Let the games begin.

My Future Lies is a YA standalone sci-fi time travel novel with a diverse cast and plenty of action, humor, and twists and turns. Inspired by The Man in the Iron Mask, it it told through a combination of first person and “found” transcripts.

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ISBN 978-1-955204-04-0 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-955204-06-4 (epub)
ISBN 978-1-955204-05-7 (mobi)

My Future Lies – Sample Chapters