Crazy, Odd, and Out There – Random Thoughts #1

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They’re too long for tweets, too short for full posts. They’re random thoughts!

Are they worth reading? Or at least mildly interesting? Jeez, I certainly hope so.

Today’s Random Thoughts!

  • Hummingbird-ese

  • Historical Heat Endurance

  • Office Chair Review


I wish I could speak hummingbird. 

Then I could tell those crazy little macho fighting machines outside my window that the feeder they are so desperately fighting over is essentially bottomless since I’m the one refilling it, and that all their aerial acrobatics in its defense are only creating a greater caloric need within themselves. 

It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya’!

Historical Heat Endurance

I live in the Southern United States, home of heat and humidity – or, as my cousin so eloquently puts it, “the home of swimmable air.”

Everyone has air conditioners in their homes and cars, and you better believe if those suckers break it’s a priority one emergency to get them fixed.  I personally can’t imagine living here without them.

And yet, of course, people did just that for thousands of years.  And it’s not that this nasty heat is a new phenomenon (though it has been worsening in the past decade).  For instance, there was a letter from the Governor of Georgia in July 1758 where he described the normal heat as being 84 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit but where he also said that they had had a heat wave of 98 to 100 degrees for many days*.

Now, you can tell just by looking at me that my immigrant ancestors were from the more northern parts of Europe.  There is not an ounce of melanin in my entire body. I’m so pale I’m clear.  But it just makes me wonder – is it just my genetic disposition toward cooler climates that makes the heat so intolerable for me, or have I been wussified by technology to be unable to easily deal with a climate that native peoples thrived in for so many centuries?

*Savannah Morning News, 1932. “Weather Complex of 174 Years Ago” (15 July 1932).

Office Chair Review

While looking for a new office chair, I came across this review:

“Great chair except for the very uncomfortable seat.”

….okay, then.

That’s all the randomness I have for today. See you all next time! 🙂

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