Random Thoughts

Adventures of an Accident-Prone Author

My family was not surprised to hear this, but I hurt myself while riding my bike recently. I recently got a new bike, you see – a bike that I would call my first “proper” bike. Not that I haven’t had bikes my whole life, but this is the first time I actually did research, read reviews, then saved up to buy it instead of just going to the nearest megastore and picking a low-end bike that “looks nice.”


Crazy, Odd, and Out There – Random Thoughts #1

They’re too long for tweets, too short for full posts. They’re random thoughts! Are they worth reading? Or at least mildly interesting? Jeez, I certainly hope so. Today’s Random Thoughts! Hummingbird-ese I wish I could speak hummingbird.  Then I could tell those crazy little macho fighting machines outside my window that the feeder they are …

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